How to be environmental friendly with your skincare routine!

2020 is here – and in Australia bushfires have been raging across the country and although we escaped it here on the Surfcoast we were not blind to the devastating events happening all around us and the thick smoke hanging in the air.

Climate change is real – science has shown how humans are impacting on this and we hope that the devastating impact seen by the bushfires will change everyone’s perspective (unfortunately not Scott Morrison) on how we look after this planet of ours!

It’s not just climate change, as we stroll down our beaches, it is evident that plastic is harming our oceans and wildlife… we won’t even go into the harmful chemicals made for many leading skincare brands.

Natural, plastic free, waste free and organic is what we are asked about, every single day in our little shop in Torquay, Victoria. It makes us happy that so many people are so concerned! And although we have a few bottles that contain plastic – it is evident that people are happy to use our re-fill services (even by mail) to allow them to continue using our body foam wash for example as we are hunting down plastic free foam bottle solutions – we will get there soon, we promise!

But on a lighter note, I wanted to list our customers’ favourites and the top trends happening in our store in Torquay and why I believe these products are in high demand!

If you have never tried these before, we promise you, you won’t be disappointed. They are natural and made like soap, containing luscious oils that are great for your hair (when made properly!) and we fill ours with essential oils and natural clay. As I make these and regular shampoo myself – I 100% stand by these little beauties as being much more safe for you and your hair and for the environment! Read more about these and check our different options on this page.

Surprise, surprise, just like the shampoo bar, our conditioner bar is safe for you, your hair and our planet! Made with panthenol, a natural occurring vitamin, it layers a soft coating on your hair that moisturises it while leaving it easy to combe through as well. For anyone with frizzy or untamable hair this is a must! For the rest of us, who might not have amazing and lush hair, I recommend trying the conditioner first and then the shampoo bar to keep the volume in your hair! It works a treat! Read more and check out our options made with essential oils here.

Yes, they are still in high demand and in trend! And ours, it seems are becoming more sought after lately, why? I believe it is because people are finally realising that the scent “bubblegum” and other all the artificial ones used – are just that! Artificial! Although it has long been known that our bath bombs are natural, many are finally realising that there are the natural ones and then there are the cheap nasty ones! I always knew there were “nasty ones”, my kids received a large cheap one with a toy inside it one lovely morning – to my horror I told them they would get their toy but had to leave it in a bucket of water – they did, but as my eldest lacked patience, she reached her arm down in the water to find the little toy and as she pulled her arm us she was already flaring up and experiencing a red rash – people, I don’t know where these are made and what is put in them, but I know that for most of my lovely customers – they have realised that there are natural alternatives available that will not cause rashes or swelling! Check ours out here! 

What are they, you might be asking??? Now if you are lucky enough to live in a hot, sunny place such as Byron Bay or Bali – you should probably avoid these little beauties unless you keep your house cool! They will melt above 30 degrees, HOWEVER, if – you are able to store them under 30 degrees – I mean, Torquay still gets hot, but they always survive my bathroom no drama! These are a wonderful alternative to normal cremes and are not as oily as body butters. With so many different lotion bars to choose from nowadays, my absolute favourite is our coffee and chocolate one – it bronzes my skin and gives a beautiful glow from its natural chocolate and coffee colours and my legs and shoulders are moisturised and glowing as I walk out the door in my heels and cocktail dress! Made with shea butter and cacao butter and blended with essential oils – you have to see for yourself why these are a hit in our stores. Find yours here.

Last but not least! Go environmentally friendly and natural with our ever popular facial soaps – or grab your normal soap bar while you are at it! Go red Australian clay and anti-ageing or go antibacterial with our charcoal option – we promise we will have a soap that suits your skin and it is oh-so natural! And you will not feel like a rubber duck afterwards! Made with shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil these soap bars are moisturising, cleansing and protecting – use a natural sponge to clean your face with the soap bar to enjoy the experience even more. Find our large range of facial soap bars here.

You can even try all of these products in our plastic free skincare box! One of each packed neatly in a recyclable paper box for yourself or your loved one!

I grew up in Norway, where I would play for hours picking and mixing dried leaves, flowers and roots from my grandparents garden. I would pick nettle leaves straight from the plants and apply them to mosquito bites on me and my twin brother. I learned the benefits of the traditional medicinal plants from Scandinavia such as chamomile, nettle, dandelion or elderflower so today I mix them with Australian native plants for my all natural skincare range.

From Earth founder