How to Chose a Good Soap?

Many companies make their soaps using artificial fragrances that are made from tons of chemicals. For example, I’m certain many of you have seen or perhaps have even used a “coconut scented” soap or body wash. Well, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but there is no natural coconut fragrance.

Why Natural Body Butters are Taking Over

Depending on where you live, for many of us, the winter months can be harsh. Cold temperatures and dry air and worst of all, dry, chapped skin. Dry skin is extremely uncomfortable, and if left unchecked, it can cause your skin to be more susceptible to infections.

2020 Skincare Trends

Natural, plastic free, waste free and organic is what we are asked about, every single day in our little shop in Torquay, Victoria. It makes us happy that so many people are so concerned!

Customising Skin Care With Hydrosols

As always, our mission here at From Earth is to continuously provide you with handcrafted products created using some of the finest ingredients nature has to offer. Nature provides us with everything that we could possibly need to remain healthy and looking our best for as long as possible.

Uses and Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a specific type of charcoal that has undergone processing to alter its surface area and make it more porous. The end result is a highly porous black powder with a negative electrical charge. The negative charge acts as a magnet and is able to release itself and any toxins.

Mala beads necklaces

Mala beads are a beautiful and sacred sensory resource for meditation practice. Mala means ‘garland’ and is made up of 108 beads strung together as a symbol of unity. It provides a focus for the mind as they are counted during meditation, usually in conjunction with reciting a mantra.

What is BTMS?

When making our natural conditioner or conditioner bar, emulsification is vital. When mixing oils with other liquids such as water, BTMS allows the ingredients to mix or emulsify without separating. As a result of using BTMS, we are able to create your creamy, natural conditioner that you love so much.

Chakra Bracelet Beliefs and Benefits

Carnelian connects us with the sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) at the sacrum, Red Jasper brings awareness to the root Chakra (Mulhadhara in Sanskrit) at the base of the spine, Amethyst invites us to explore the wonders of the crown Chakra (Sahasrara) at the top of the head, the gateway to our divine nature. Learn more!

How to use our Healing Wands?

These wands offer a magical gift of healing, encouraging the receiver to tune into their current state of feeling and wellbeing, and empowering them to relieve and release tension wherever and whenever they need to! They are effective in cleansing and detoxifying by shifting stagnancy, regulating lymph drainage, and boosting circulation.