Red Jasper

brings awareness to the root Chakra (Mulhadhara in Sanskrit) at the base of the spine, where we find our ground, nourishment, warmth, shelter, and our connection to place, family ancestors, and community. This relates to the earth element and the physical place where we call home. When in balance we feel safe, secure, grounded, and supported, with a sense of trust in our surroundings and in others. When we are well nourished with all our basic needs met, we are able to experience physical vitality and move towards a state of happiness. We are able to access and use the resources we need to feel comfortable, healthy, and at home in ourselves and our environment. If out of balance we may feel fearful, displaced, uprooted, and hold on to what we do not need, and this can manifest in issues with the large intestine. The red variation of jasper occurs due to its iron content, its rich red tones and mineral opacity bring us home to the solid structure, depth, and richness of the earth, which can help to ground us in our physical bodies and surrounding environment through sensory experience. Changes in the earth’s structure and composition occur slowly, teaching us how to practice patience and value endurance, stamina, and taking the long view.


connects us with the sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) at the sacrum, the seat of our creative energy, femininity, and sexuality. Relating to the water element, flow and surrender, this governs our relationships with others. When in balance we find it easy to adapt to change, move fluidly, relate to other beings, and experience pleasure – we taste the Rasa, the juicy deliciousness of life. When feelings of guilt are harbored, this Chakra can become stuck preventing energy from flowing freely. Imbalances can show up in endocrine, reproductive, or lower digestive organs. With a wide colour range from orange to black, the varied nature of carnelian stone is reflected in the unpredictable nature of water – the ocean in particular – and reminds us that we can bend, flex, pulse, undulate and dance to meet its flow. This stone can be used in conjunction with music, rhythm, dance, and creative movement practices to embody and realign ourselves with the sacred powerful ancient rhythms of life. Carnelian can support us to usher in the motivation to achieve success in our endeavours, to maintain receptivity, focus, and concentration through times of uncertainty, and to replenish and restore our sacred selves that we might experience the vitality we need to enjoy the miracle of life. It teaches us to embrace the yin aspect, the shadows and the darkness, as a place where life begins and ends, where magic and mystery are woven together as we open to the unknown.


shines its light upon the solar plexus Chakra (Manipura), at the navel centre. Here we find our solar power, masculinity, ego, ambition, motivation, the ability to manifest and bring ideas to life. Resonating with the fire element, this enables us to transform one thing into another. When in balance, confidence, conviction, and clarity run through all that we do. We are fuelled by a burning desire to make things happen and effect change in the world, giving us the fire to set and achieve goals, lead others, initiate projects, and follow them through to their conclusion. This Chakra can be pushed out of balance by low self-worth or an over identification with ego and possessions, which can lead to feelings of attachment, anger, resentment, jealously, shame, or blame. Symptoms of imbalance can show up in the central abdominal organs including the stomach, spleen, liver, and gall bladder. Citrine is beneficial in aligning us with our roles, responsibilities, sense of self and ability to exert influence. It helps us to foster optimism and become aware of the power inherent in us and how best to direct this flow of liquid gold, attracting and drawing towards us wealth, success, happiness, and contentment.

Green Adventurine

reflects the courage and compassion of the heart Chakra (Anahata) at the heart centre. Here we find a sense of the peace and love within each of us, and feel the fullness of our authentic connection to all beings as living embodiments of divine love. This stone shimmers with divine light and healing, and its lush green colour evokes the wellbeing we experience in nature. Immersion in the green forests represented by this stone nourishes our awareness of breath, healing, and caring for our sacred living environment. Relating to the air element, we are drawn into a loving relationship with the world through touch and through our breath as we continually give and receive this gift of life. If out of balance we may experience anxiety, loneliness, resistance to touch, difficulty in maintaining reciprocity in relationships, and symptoms may arise in the heart or lungs, or through the circulatory or respiratory systems. When in balance we feel grateful, spacious, light, and find it easy to offer and accept loving-kindness through intentions, words, and actions. We attract spiritual wealth and luck through appreciating our blessings and opening to abundance by practicing self-acceptance and love. We feel the green adventurer spirit move through us and gather the courage to give the gifts of unconditional love and kindness abundant in our hearts, and immerse ourselves in the whole of life.


nourishes the throat Chakra (Vishuddhi), representing clear communication and giving wings to our ideas and dreams. It encourages us to infuse all we do with creativity, and open ourselves to receive healing, insight, and inspiration from the world around us, and listen to both our own needs and the divine messages being offered. The throat Chakra relates to our capacity for making and expressing sound, and apatite can be incorporated into a sound healing session to amplify the benefits of the practice. Apatite can have a cleansing and clearing effect on our being, and has been used to support weight loss, provide a clear focus, inspire dreaming, and create a tranquil state of being conductive to meditation practice. It can remind us to value, hear, and express our own unique voice, and to share our experiences with others. Through vibration and breath, it also connects us with our hearts allowing us to articulate how we feel and what we aspire to with mindfulness, compassion, and clarity. This stone and Chakra frequency reflect the soothing blue of the sky and the spacious perspective awaiting us when we gaze up in wonder. When this energy centre is in balance we experience ourselves as seen, heard, and valued creative communicators and contributors to community and society. When out of balance, we may feel stuck, blocked, muddled, foggy or frustrated in our communication, which can pose challenges in making connections with others and maintaining healthy relationships. If unchecked, symptoms such as sore throats, laryngitis, and excess or deficiency in thyroid gland can manifest.

Lapis Lazuli

opens us to the third eye Chakra (Ajna) at the eyebrow centre. Here is where our wisdom, intuition, intellect, and inner guidance reside. Working with this energy centre can enable us to know more fully who we are, what direction to move in, and how to stay on the path that best supports our personal and collective growth. The eyebrow centre relates to self-regulation and the health and balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the nervous system. When in balance our decisions are guided with ease by an inner knowing woven from the wisdom of experience and the visceral clarity of intuition. We embody the knowledge of who we are with acceptance and wonder, without attachment to the physical body, and see ourselves as a continually evolving spiritual being. Imbalances can show up in the endocrine system via the pituitary gland. This stone has been valued throughout millennia for the protection it is believed to offer on journeys between worlds. It can be used to bring about a sense of harmony within, assist us in expansion through opening to new learning and patterns of behavior, and facilitate the process of deepening our awareness of ourselves, universal consciousness, and the mysteries of the universe.


invites us to explore the wonders of the crown Chakra (Sahasrara) at the top of the head, the gateway to our divine nature and knowing ourselves as spirit beings on a human journey. It offers us protection on this journey, and can illuminate the way to healing, ascending consciousness, and bliss. When out of balance at the crown energy centre, we seek experiences of spirituality through escaping from the details of our lives, often through substances or experiences that alter our perception. When balanced, we are able to see and feel our divine nature and move beyond our individual self into the realm of spirituality and the source of life.

The captivating beauty of amethyst reminds us there is love, beauty, peace, and inspiration to be found in everything, even if it is hidden to the eye. It can ignite our inner fire and inspire us to channel our creativity into generative endeavors and adventures which serve to enrich the collective consciousness as a whole. It encourages us to engage in selfless service and find our higher purpose through this. The purple colour of amethyst is a fusion of two contrasting colours – the heat of red and the coolness of blue. Gazing on this can help to soothe the mind, settle the emotions, and induce a state of reflection above and beyond the push and pull of wants and needs. By balancing the creative intuitive and logic analytical aspects of our being, the qualities of this stone can help set us on the path towards inner peace.