These wands offer a magical gift of healing, encouraging the receiver to tune into their current state of feeling and wellbeing, and empowering them to relieve and release tension wherever and whenever they need to! Ranging between 10cm and 12cm in length, the wands are designed with one broader rounded end used for wider areas of surface tension, with the other end more tapered to address areas of deeper tension with precision.

A circular motion can be used to ease out knots, followed by smooth strokes over the areas to clear energy blockages, flood the area with healing, and restore energy flow. They are effective in cleansing and detoxifying by shifting stagnancy, regulating lymph drainage, and boosting circulation, ensuring the areas being worked on receive a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients via the blood.


A range of crystals are offered to add the additional healing benefits of the mineral chosen, enabling the giver or user to tailor their choice of massage wand to their current healing needs. They can be used for self-healing or to give healing to others, and are particularly effective as part of a reflexology treatment working on specific areas of the feet which correspond to specific areas of the body.