Symbol of unity

Mala beads are a beautiful and sacred sensory resource for meditation practice. Mala means ‘garland’ and is made up of 108 beads strung together as a symbol of unity. It provides a focus for the mind as they are counted during meditation, usually in conjunction with reciting a mantra (aloud or internally), enabling the meditator to maintain awareness on the sacred power of the mantra rather than the number of repetitions made. 108 is considered a sacred number for its myriad reflections within the energetic structure of the individual and the universe, including the number of vital energy points (Marma) in the body, the number of connecting lines forming the heart Chakra, the number of sacred sites in India, the diameter ratio of the sun and earth, and the relationship between the suns distance from the earth and its diameter.

Cleansing and healing

The inclusion of crystals in the mala beads enable them to be used in cleansing and healing, particularly in relation to the Chakra system. Specific vital energy centres (Chakra) can become blocked or overactive, spinning at frequencies out of alignment with the individual’s natural state of balance. Choosing a mala containing crystals relating to the aspects of your life, Chakra, or current state of wellbeing can support you in bringing about healing, peace, and a daily reminder of the divinity and wisdom within us.

Beautiful way to practice mindfulness

Mala beads do not bind the wearer to any particular religious order or choice, they are simply a beautiful way to practice mindfulness and carry our meditation practice with us wherever we go. They can be worn as a garland necklace or wrapped lovingly around the wrist several times.

The ‘guru bead’ is the largest and connects to the tassel as the centrepiece of the garland. Meditation with mala usually begins by turning the bead beside the guru bead, then turning each consecutive bead in succession with finger and thumb until you return to the guru bead and complete the circle. This practice has been used for Millenia to draw the focus inward, towards contemplation on the peace encased within us all. The receptive states that this evokes can open up access to our inner guidance and expand our consciousness to deeper states of awareness and understanding.

The mala string is approximately 75cm in circumference and can be worn, carried, held, hung, strung around sacred statues or used to surround other objects of contemplation and meditation.