African Turquoise Palm Stone


Success / Independence / Creativity

Matt turquoise colour speckled with greys and black to showcase beautiful earthy tones. For the
strong individual who has a natural powerful and independent creative mind. This stone often attracts
artists from all walks of life and helps bring success into their everyday life.

Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter

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African Turquoise – the independence stone

Turquoise refers to the colour of this gem rather than the type, as African turquoise is a form of jasper,
owing to its density and opacity. The turquoise appears to be hiding under a smattering of freckles,
like the dark clouds that seem to obscure our view during challenging times. This crystal can help us
to expand our view beyond those clouds to see what is possible within ourselves and support us to
steer towards brighter skies ahead. Working with the third eye Chakra, it can enable us to see clearly
the changes we need to make to invite growth and move towards success in our endeavours. It can
embolden us with the confidence and courage to explore possibilities and embark on these
adventures with creativity and independence. We can always go back – this is always available to
us – but instead the magic, mystery, and wonder of the path forward beckons you towards personal

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