Agate Palm Stone


Grounding / Courage / Luck / Concentration

Agate can be found in an array of colours and it can sometimes be difficult to know whether the stone has been dyed or not. With its beautiful hues of beige, grey and white, our agate stones are natural, yet polished and bring courage and luck with you wherever you go.

Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter

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Agate – the courage stone

Agate wraps us in its warming protective embrace, reminiscent of a nurturing womb. Here we return to feelings of safety and grounding, settled in the knowing that everything is being taken care of. For this reason, the agate crystal can be particularly beneficial for pregnancy and new mothers, supporting both the creator nurturer and the new life they are bring into this world. Agate is like the parent that truly believes in us, building up our confidence and filling our hearts with courage to step forward fully into life and do what we thought was impossible. Pale blue and banded with fine strips of white and grey with a dividing line between, agate reflects the horizon line, a meeting point between present and future, between manifestation and realisation, between our current situation and what is possible beyond this. It can help us maintain concentration, especially when navigating multiple challenges at one time, and blesses us with good luck when entering situations of increased risk, such as new projects, travelling, hazardous environments and tests of our physical endurance and acuity.

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