Amazonite Bracelet


Balance / Confidence / Happiness / Integrity

Our amazonite bracelet is one-size fits all and comes with a tiny bottle of essential oils which can be added onto the black lava beads which will absorb the oil and leave its beautiful scent and natural benefits with you.

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Amazonite – for Balance

Do you find yourself drawn to the healing powers of water? This oceanic coloured crystal is infused with the soothing and calming qualities of flowing water, in contrast with the courage, confidence, strength and boldness it takes to meet the mighty power of the ocean. Acknowledging these different streams of energy supports us to see different points of view, and balance our masculine and feminine energies, moving us towards a state of harmony and happiness. Amazonite can serve to soften aggression, and soothe, calm, and quiet a turbulent sea within us. It invites love into our communication, and offers us the freedom to move beyond fear and express our thoughts, feelings, and truth through opening the throat Chakra. This can empower us to stay in a space of integrity and preserve our energy flow by setting and maintaining clear boundaries and realigning with our own values. The discipline this engenders can be directed inwardly for personal growth, or outwardly to define and regulate personal space both physically and psychologically. Amazonite has been worn by ancient cultures of the Amazon and Mesopotamia, who revered its beauty and used it to heal wounds and illness. Its connection to compassion and the heart Chakra is woven through its structure, as it is a soft stone that requires gentle care when wearing or storing with other companion crystals.

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