Apatite Bracelet


Dreaming / Meditation

Our apatite bracelet is one-size fits all and comes with a tiny bottle of essential oils which can be added onto the black lava beads which will absorb the oil and leave its beautiful scent and natural benefits with you.


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Apatite – for Dreaming

Remember when you used to daydream, create stories from the drifting clouds of your imagination, believe wholeheartedly in your power to bring your dreams and ideas to life? Apatite feeds our appetite for imagining and our hunger for finding the magic in the everyday. Its presence in our life teaches us that dreaming big even if we feel small has the power to light us up inside and is worth following. Bringing this stone into our meditation practice can support us in following what is felt and trusting in the parts of us that know the way even when we cannot articulate it yet. This sky and sea coloured stone can assist us in clearing away the mists of apathy, confusion, and negativity to unveil the clarity and power of presence in setting us on course in the direction we need to go. It is steeped in both the vast mysteries of the ocean and limitless possibilities of the wide-open sky, and stirs up the intellect to take flight in search of new knowledge, discoveries, and the realization of truth. The stone’s cleansing effects can reveal pathways to creativity, clearer perception, resolving problems, visualization and manifestation of goals and growth. It encourages us to use what we learn in the selfless service of all living beings, so that many may benefit from our evolution of consciousness.

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