Black Obsidian Palm Stone


Protection / Growth / Balance / Grounding

Black obsidian is ideal for those who have recently gone through a tough time or trauma and are struggling with the change that has happened in their life. It will bring protection from further hurt, damage or trauma while you find growth and balance in your new situation and life.

Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter

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Black Obsidian – the grounding stone

A liquid pool of darkness, black obsidian allows us to see the light of truth. With its glossy surface, this stone acts as a mirror which enables us to see our whole story laid out clear, helping us to understand how we came to this current state of health and what changes we need to make to move towards greater wellbeing. Its powerful messages and healing are direct, deep, and grounding. Black obsidian offers a cloak of protection from negative energies and environmental toxins. The healing release facilitated by obsidian can bring about inner balance and open the way for new growth and insight.

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