Bloodstone Palm Stone


Confidence / Protection / Power

If you are a natural leader you may feel the strengthening power this stone has to offer as it radiates confidence in its contrasts of colours green and red. The one who holds this stone will feel the confidence and protection it brings to its presence as it gives you the power to overcome any obstacles while building a strong mindset.

Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter.

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Bloodstone – the power stone

Forest green merges into rich brown earth and a sprinkling of golden sand, alongside a dizzy haze of pink and violet spotted with bold dashes of red – bloodstone holds many stories in its glorious veneer. A powerful stone of protection, guidance, courage, and mental clarity, it can be of particular benefit to children or young people going through challenges with their peers. It can bolster our courage when we need to confront injustice, and help shine the light of clarity into our decision making. It carries with it the vitality and strength of the blood, balanced with the nurturance of a mother, and invites the openness to stimulate dreaming, imagination, creativity, and intuition.

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