Carnelian Mala Beads Necklace


Vitality / Concentration / Motivation / Success

A beautiful long necklace comprising of 108 carnelian beads with a tassel at the end of the necklace.

Read more about mala beads here.

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The raw red and orange tones of this stone with its contrast of dramatic white streaks speaks of the vitality and movement of blood juxtaposed with the stillness and illumination of light. The warmth of carnelian’s fire can be felt in the Hara, our sacred centre that sits at the seat of the self between pelvis and navel deep within the physical and etheric energy bodies. It is from this place that life and breath flow from: concentration and contemplation on this can enable us to feel, access, and stoke our inner fire to channel motivation, creativity, vibrancy, and bring about success in our endeavours. Carnelian connects us to the sacral Chakra just below the Hara, and its use during mala meditation can inspire within us the pleasure of warmth and joy, and stimulate the bold confidence and motivation needed to believe we can lead others and empower ourselves in the process.

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