Carnelian Massage Wand


Success / Motivation / Concentration / Vitality

A stunning crystal that has been polished to be a perfect tool for massage. Use it with massage oil and use either end of the wand on legs, back, arms and neck as your massage your way to feeling the vitality that this crystal is thought to offer through its energy.

Measurement: Approx. 11cm

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Fiery red carnelian warms the heart and reignites the inner fire, inspiring us to initiate, lead, endure, and achieve. It helps us to manifest success by infusing our efforts with sincere belief and confidence, while ensuring we have the motivation, ambition, stamina, and concentration to see them through to their completion. The carnelian massage wand measures approximately 11cm and is streaked with contrasting colours: warm rich red and orange next to pure opaque white. can stimulate joy and help us the power and courage in our hearts. It can support us in beginning or sustaining physical activity and training, filling us with vitality and awareness of how to balance our energy flow. It can also activate the flow of resources and prosperity, whilst providing the clarity and direction to steer them in the right direction.

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