Clear Quartz Palm Stone


Healing / Meditation / Wellbeing / Wisdom

A beautiful transparent stone which is believed to bring wisdom, healing and wellbeing. We love this stone as it brings good energy to all other crystals and empowers them to be stronger. Take it with you where-ever you go or leave it with your other crystals.

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Clear Quartz – the wisdom stone

Simplicity is wisdom in action, and the clear quartz is a powerful yet gentle tool in cleansing our lives and clearing the path towards greater ease and wellbeing. This gem crystallises all that is uncontaminated and pure, receptive and open to the needs of the individual. It offers healing guided by you: whatever energy clear quartz is programmed with, that is what it will give. This is potent when used with clear intention and deep self-awareness, developed through meditation practice, in bringing about wellbeing and revealing divine wisdom. This crystal supports the practice of mindfulness meditation in both the energy it brings to the space and its appearance: the suspended fragments seem like the thoughts that come and go, while the essence of inner being beyond their transience remains still and pure and clear.

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