Fluorite Massage Wand


Cleansing / Concentration / Study / Confidence

Are you struggling with your studies and need to relax those tense shoulders? Fluorite is believed to help by boosting your confidence in your learning ability and the massage wand can help relax those sore muscles and ease tension throughout your body.

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Fluorite – healing cleansing

This luminous layered crystal wand brings order where there is chaos, and settles what has been scattered. It has a calming and stabilising effect on the mind, whilst also activating the electrical charge of brain cells drawing more Prana (vital life force energy) to the brain. This brings about a balance between steadying and stimulating, grounding and uplifting, below and above, Earth and sky. Fluorite can also act as a bridge between the activity of the two distinct hemispheres of the brain, fostering harmony between our left hemisphere analytical reasoned approach and our right hemisphere creative intuitive empathic side. This supports us in responding to life with a healthy balance of creativity and discernment. Clear fluorite refines our mental clarity, and can help develop concentration, confidence, and aptitude to study and learn. Green fluorite is like spring for our inner environment, reflects the cleansing and renewal, freshness and hope offered by new growth. Purple fluorite is particularly beneficial in accessing our inner peace, purifying the mind of negative thoughts and opening up the third eye Chakra to the balance of logic reasoning and intuitive wisdom. It gathers and radiates divine healing energy through the light body, enabling stress, accumulated tension, and blockages to be released. The fluorite massage wands are around 10cm long, with hexagonal surfaces for steady finger hold while working on deeper areas in need of rebalancing. The wands are often stacked with layers of dreamy contrast, often including green and purple, but occasionally the whole rainbow! Rainbow fluorite offers cleansing and energising to all the Chakra and the surrounding auric field (the aura of light energy encircling each living being).

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