Fluorite Palm Stone


Confidence / Cleansing / Study / Concentration

Do you need to get some assignments done? Or maybe you need a boost of confidence in yourself to achieve your goals? Then this palm stone is for you. With its stunning hues of purple and green in its transparent polish it is hard to go past this beautiful stone.


Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter.

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Fluorite – the cleansing stone

The luminous swirling layers of fluorite inspire clearing, cleansing, confidence, and focused concentration, which can aid study or progress towards our goals. The streams of green in fluorite connect us with abundance, while the clear invite clarity, and the purple draw us toward expansion. When we make space by cleansing and honing in our focus on what matters to us, we become receptive to the knowledge, insights, connections, and understanding we need to refine our skills, expand our wisdom, and evolve our consciousness.

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