Handmade Marble Conditioner Dispenser – Dark Toned


Complete your bathroom aesthetic and indulge yourself with our black marble dispenser. The body of the vessel is made from solid marble which creates a sturdy product as a result of the natural strength of the marble. Keeping this product understated yet sophisticated we have kept it simple to allow the stunning raw marble to be the hero of the product. Featuring an easy to use pump, this product is practical yet stylish all in one. Refill the dispenser as many times as you would like with your favourite hair products. Elevate your bathroom with this elegant, deep toned marble soap dispenser showcasing raw products from the earth. Create a cohesion in your home with our matching shampoo and soap dispensers.

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Handmade / Marble / Bathroom Accessory / Soap Dispenser

Note: Please be aware no two products are the same due to the use of natural materials (marble)

Note: Tag is included in purchase

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