Handmade Organic Firming Bath Fizz with Essential Oils


Indulge yourself or someone you love with our handmade firming bath fizz blend. Including rose petals , pink clay and yellow calendula in our mix this fizz is the perfect addition to any bath. It will create a gorgeous musky floral aroma due to our blend of floral essential oils in our firming bath fizz mix. This fizz may include benefits such as helping with firming the skin due to the pink clay properties contained in the bath fizz. Additionally, your bath will be equally stunning, leaving rose petals and yellow calendula floating in the water. Our super sweet packaging makes this bath fizz a must have, finished with an accent of our dried flowers this bath fizz is perfect as a small gift for someone special.

Warning: If irritation occurs stop using immediately.


Handmade / Bath Fizz / Refreshing / Musky

Warning: If irritation occurs, stop use immediately

Dimensions: Approximately 12cmx 10cm x 4cm

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 4 × 12 cm

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