Handmade Oval Marble Soap Dish


This gorgeous handmade marble soap dish is a must have in any wet room. Featuring a soft curve in the dish, ensures all products and residue will be contained in the soap holder, eliminating the mess and spillage onto your bench top. Made with raw marble, this product is sturdy to prevent movement on your bench. We have included four drainage holes to ensure your soap is able to dry instead of creating a milky residue at the base of the holder. This sweet dish is the perfect practical, yet stylish addition to add to any bench space. The dark hues of the marble create a sophisticated piece that can fit into any room. Style this dish with your favourite From Earth Soap Bars to complete the look!

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Handmade / Marble / Bathroom Accessory / Soap Dish

Note: Please be aware no two products are the same due to the use of natural materials (marble)

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