Handmade Soy and Candelilla Wax Candle Dipped in Light Rose Petals


You can’t look past this stunning candle stick! Including our artificial fragrance, and paraffin free candle blend, this gorgeous handmade soy and candelilla wax candle is perfect to use as decoration or to burn throughout your home. Dipped in our dried light rose petals, this candle becomes super delightful and almost to pretty to burn. Our light rose petal candle stick is perfect for a gift or for you to style up a neutral space and add a touch of subtle colour to the room.


Handmade / Artificial Fragrance Free / Paraffin Free / Hand Dipped /

Floral / Light Rose Petals

Dimensions: 23cm x 3cm x 3cm

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 3 × 23 cm

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