Organic Healer Roll On


Help treat rashes, cuts and bruises with From Earth Organic Healer roll on. A soothing blend of macadamia, pomegranate, blue chamomile & lemon. With floral undertones of ylang ylang, these restorative essential oils can naturally reduce inflammation and protect your skin from infections. Roll over wrists, neck and temples, or specific areas as needed.

Store below 30 degrees and keep out of direct sunlight.

This product is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

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Derived from the flower petals of the ylang ylang tree, this essential oil has a sweet, floral aroma. In fact, its aroma is so gorgeous, it was used as a key ingredient in Chanel No. 5. This essential oil will work to relieve inflammation, increase blood circulation, reduce stress and improve digestion.


Macadamia, pomegranate, ylang ylang, blue chamomile & lemon

100% Natural / organic / vegan friendly / not tested on animals / no artificial colour or fragrance / made with organic essential oils / handmade in Torquay

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