Howlite Palm Stone


Patience / Imagination / Creativity / Calming

Howlite has a similar appearance to marble with its white colour and swirling artwork of grey tones. Believed to fuel your imagination and creativity while keeping a calm and patient mindset.

Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter.

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Howlite – the calming stone

Howlite fills our world with a calming and soothing energy, helping to dispel anger and dissolve tensions both within and between people. It supports us in developing the patience we need to respond with compassion and endurance to situations which test, unsettle, or threaten to unravel us. This can enable us to access, gather, and channel our imagination and creativity in generating inspired solutions to problems and resolving conflict. Howlite is a beneficial stone to use when studying as it works on the third eye Chakra to assist memory function. Howlite can also settle anxiety and calm nerves to bring about a restful sleep. Pure creamy-white marbled with soft grey, the surface of this stone evokes the idea of a calm, clear mind. This state of mind is like a tranquil lake, which there will always be ripples upon the surface caused by its environment, but these do not disturb the deep peace resting underneath.

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