Jade Palm Stone


Luck / Longevity / Peace / Dreaming

Jade has a wonderful green colour with lighter tones shining through giving it a stunning visual pattern. Believed to bring you luck with your dreams and peace to your soul.

Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter.

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Jade – the dreaming stone

For thousands of years jade has been highly valued by many cultures for its connection to dreaming and the blessings of good luck it brings. It has been used as a talisman of protection, to ensure a life of longevity and peace in the passing to the next world. Pale green with clouds that sweep over its semi-translucent surface, jade brings together the peace, imagination mystery and openness to possibility of a wide-open sky, a cool lake, and a misty mountain. can support us in accessing the spirit realm through dreaming, while ushering in creativity, knowledge of ritual, and insights which can help us understand the messages carried to us on the wings of our dreams. It can inspire within us a sense of peace and tranquillity as we let go of self-judgement and see ourselves clearly as the love that we are.

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