Magnetite Mala Beads Necklace


Focus / Concentration / Intelligence 

A beautiful long necklace comprising of 108 magnetite beads with a tassel at the end of the necklace. Read more about mala beads here.

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When you need support with learning, personal or professional development, or progress towards your goals, this magnetite mala is your study buddy and consciousness coach! Silently encouraging your efforts and aspirations, magnetite supports us to visualise, manifest and attract what we want through our focus and concentration on desired outcome. Magnetite is named for its strong magnetic vibration, drawing towards us that which we increase our focus on. Known as the brain stone, it can help balance the two contrasting hemispheres of the brain, and develop our intelligence by interweaving our knowledge and analysis with our creativity and empathy. Used in mala meditation, it can help us access deeper states of contemplation while grounding us in our connection to Mother Earth. It can help to balance the expansiveness of universal consciousness at the crown Chakra with the grounding of the base Chakra, connecting what is above and surrounding us with what is below supporting us. This cultivates a conscientious responsibility to care for our sacred planet and activate the mental clarity needed to generate solutions to the complex issues our earth home currently faces.

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