Mookaite (Australian) Palm Stone


Grounding / Dreaming / Spiritual / Wisdom

We believe this stone honours and symbolizes the indigenous people of Australia, whom understood the mother Earth better than anyone in this vast and beautiful country. The aboriginals understood how dreams connected us to the spirits on our earth and with their understanding they brought wisdom, guidance and grounding to our roots and where we come from. Let this stone be a reminder of our beautiful earth as you connect to its spirits through your dreams and life.

Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter.

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Mookaite (Australian)

An Australian jasper with variations as wide as this land, this stone is infused with the orange fire of the desert, the rich red-brown of the earth, the generosity of the yellow sun, and the elusive ever-changing nature of the white clouds that drift through an open expansive sky. Its warmth in colour reflects the healing and grounding it offers, infusing us with strength and vitality, and activating a healthy flow of life force energy within us. Mookaite is known and respected by indigenous people in its capacity to connect us with Mother Earth and respond to the changes in our environment with fluidity and acceptance. It empowers us to use the energy she gifts us with towards instigating positive changes of our own, and become the seekers of adventure, truth, and wisdom we hold the potential to be.

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