Morrocan Rhassoul Mud Natural Face Mask 60ml


Immerse yourself in this soothing face mask that doubles as a hair and body mask. Yeah, you heard us right! With just one simple ingredient, this incredible all-rounder product will leave you looking gorgeous from head to toe. Made with Moroccan rhassoul clay to help exfoliate and firm your skin or nourish your locks. This powdered product is a 100% all-natural alternative to chemical-heavy face masks.

Take a weekly (mental) trip to Morocco by adding this gorgeous mask to your skin and haircare routine. Just mix with water or hydrosol (Included) to create a paste, smooth over your face, hair or body and leave for 10-15 minutes.

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Hydrosol & Brush included in Kit


Aka Moroccan clay. Moroccan rhassoul clay has been shown to improve skin elasticity, even out blotchy complexions and reduce pore size. Used for over a thousand years for its beautification benefits, Moroccan clay will hydrate and enrich the skin and hair, leaving it soft and silky smooth.


Moroccan rhassoul clay


100% Natural Organic / vegan friendly / not tested on animals / no artificial colour or fragrance / made with organic essential oils / handmade in Torquay

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