Mosquito Repellent Oil


Put down the aerosol! The only thing worse than mosquitos are the harsh, toxic chemicals that come with regular repellents. Forget that! From Earth Organic Mosquito Repellent is an all-natural, chemical-free mist that will keep those pesky mozzies at bay. We’ve added a combination of citronella, basil and lemon that mosquitoes seem to hate (but you won’t). Apply this oil to any parts of the body that is exposed and tell those mozzies to bug off!

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Citronella is highly renowned for its natural ability to ward off insects. The essential oil can be found in many mosquito repelling products such as candles, burners, lotions, sprays and wristbands. Its success comes from its strong aroma, which makes your body difficult to smell and locate for mozzies.


Shea oil, natural derived vitamin E, citronella, basil & lemon

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100% Natural / Organic / vegan friendly / not tested on animals / no artificial colour or fragrance / made with organic essential oils / handmade in Torquay

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