Ocean Jasper Palm Stone


Happiness / Stamina / Patience / Vitality

Ocean Jasper comes in so many colours and patterns. Its diversity is like the ocean, earth and sky as it may be filled with colours that can sometimes looks like a beautiful earthly scene found in the ocean, in a rock pools or in the mountains. Besides being amazed by the beautiful pattern and colour, it is believed that this stone brings happiness, stamina and patience.

Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter.

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Ocean Jasper – the happiness stone

Like the ocean that inspired its name, this form of jasper is as varied, storied, and surprising as a vast sea. The oceanic patterns of sea jasper mirror the pulsation of life force energy – felt in the rhythms of the tides, the heartbeat, the breath. Gazing at the unique images captured on the gem’s surface – pools of sandy colour, encircled by auras of lighter tones, contrasted by rumbling shades of greys and darker eddies close by – speaks silently of the rhythms’ paradox: the impermanence of individual life juxtaposed with the eternal nature of life itself. Sea jasper accompanies us on this voyage to finding our joy, happiness, vitality, and bliss to celebrate the delight of this fleeting present moment, while building our endurance, patience, and stamina for the long journey beyond.

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