Organic Conditioner Bar – For Sensitive Hair & Scalp


Moisturize and untangle your hair with our soothing blue conditioner bar. Our conditioner is a aqua blue colour due to the potent blue chamomile.
Chamomile has strong anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe the scalp while ylang ylang is believed to help with hair growth.


Tip: While our conditioner bar is perfect to condition, moisturize and untangle your hair. However, you might find that your hair does not have enough volume – if this is the case just use the conditioner bar first and then wash with our shampoo bar to add volume as well as thicken and soften the hair.

Ingredients: BTMS 25, mango butter, cetyl stearyl alcohol, avocado oil, sodium lactate (salt) d-panthenol, blue chamomile & ylang ylang.

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