Coffee Night Eye Cream 30ml


Tired eyes be gone!

Whether you have kids, spend long hours in front of a computer, or have just had one too many cheeky kombuchas – chances are that you’re waking up with tired and puffy eyes.

Rich in coffee, jojoba and vitamin E, fix your tired eyes naturally with our rejuvenating night eye cream.

Ditch the heavy cover up and say “buh-bye” to those pesky dark circles! With caffeine as a key ingredient, this re-energising cream will dilate the blood vessels under and around your eyes, leaving you to wake up to soothed and fresh-looking peepers.

Cheers to that!

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Coffee will boost the skin circulation and naturally reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles


Jojoba and nettle leaf (without the sting!) both have anti-inflammatory effects that work to calm and soothe the skin.


The go-to for skincare, avocado and coconut oil are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. These hydrating ingredients are easily absorbed, helping quench thirsty skin and retain suppleness.


Lavender is known for its enchanting aroma and has been used for its relaxation and healing properties for hundreds of years. A natural sleep remedy, this versatile flower will work to soothe and calm your skin.


Organic avocado oil, organic coconut oil, organic ground coffee, organic stinging nettle (derived in organic olive oil), candelilla wax, organic jojoba oil, natural derived vitamin E, lavender & lemon.


100% natural / organic / vegan friendly / not tested on animals / no artificial colour or fragrance / made with organic essential oils / handmade in Torquay

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