Picture Jasper Mala Beads Necklace


Patience / Stamina / Vitality / Happiness

 A beautiful long necklace comprising of 108 picture jasper beads with a tassel at the end of the necklace. Read more about mala beads here.

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The beads garlanding this mala are pretty as a picture, telling of the secret stories and messages from the past. Picture jasper facilitates the wearers awareness of their connection to earth and the power of the elements through the scenes and patterns of nature captured in its intricate pictures. It offers a talisman for travellers, infusing them with the courage, protection, patience, receptivity, vitality, and stamina to undergo transformative journeys. Its use in mala meditation can open the third eye Chakra to visualisation, intuition, and creativity, while activating spiritual awareness and endurance by freeing up energy flow. This practice can initiate the merging of individual consciousness with the consciousness of the earth, particularly the wisdom and spiritual potency contained at sacred sites and by ancient cultures. Dispelling fears and surrounding us with comfort, we gather the courage to be honest with ourselves and see things from a balanced perspective. The freedom of this healing process can evoke inner states of harmony and happiness, enabling us to experience more fully states of vitality and share the joy we experience.

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