Polished Amethyst Pendant


Beautiful small pendant made from polished Amethyst and measures approx. 2.5cm in length. Comes with a black chord necklace (non-leather).

Healing / Peace / Spirituality

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Amethyst can provide a counterbalance to harmful invasive energies, neutralizing their effects and transforming a hostile atmosphere in into one of loving-kindness and peace. By strengthening our connection to awareness of our spirituality, we are more able to release attachments to places, people, or possessions which no longer serve and support our growth. We generate the freedom to enjoy greater health and balance, allowing insights and understandings to flow in and guide our way. This polished point can act as a spiritual compass, pointing us in the direction of healing, transformation, restoration, and rebirth. It helps us to focus on our goals, instigate change, open to growth, and channel success.

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Dimensions 2.5 cm

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