Polished Clear Quartz Point


Beautiful small pendant made from polished clear quartz and measures approx. 2.5cm in length. Comes with a black chord necklace (non-leather).

Wisdom / Healing / Meditation / Empowering

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The clarity of the clear quartz polished point clear quartz pendant reflects the purifying, clarifying, and centering effects of meditation, and the wisdom, healing, and sense of wellbeing its practice invites into our lives. The perfectly polished facets of this crystal show how our lives are enriched by seeing from multiple perspectives, and illuminate the possibilities open to us from all angles. 

It can serve to open up the windows of perception to seeing many directions, paths to growth and healing, and life in different dimensions. Just as a prism filters separates and clarifies the distinct details of the parts contained in the whole, clear quartz striates and crystallizes the specifics of our current state of wellbeing, offering us a window into where we are and where we need to go on our route to healing.

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Dimensions 2.5 cm

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