Polished Point Lapis Lazuli Pendant


Awareness / Wisdom / Harmony

A beautiful shaped crystal pendant made from Lapis Lazuli and measures approx. 2.5cm in length. Comes with a black chord necklace (non-leather).

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I Am… Awareness: Lapis Lazuli 

What is important to you? How do you stay true to your vision and values? Lapis Lazuli has been treasured as a talisman to support the awakening of awareness and spiritual transformation since the dawn of humanity. This deep blue crystal embedded with flecks of light represents the night sky and its stars, the contrast between this light amid the darkness symbolizing the power of wisdom to light up and guide our way on this path. It can serve as a reminder of how to honor and stay true to what resonates with you, and how to bring about harmony between contrasting aspects of life or within yourself. 

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Dimensions 2.5 cm

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