Raw Pyrite


Warrior / Healing / Aspire

Also known as fool’s gold this beautiful stone has healing properties and brings leadership and protection to those carrying it.

Measurements: Approx. 2*2cm

Place: Office

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Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold, and connects us with the golden fire energies of the sun, at the earth’s core, and contained within us. It can stimulate the liquid gold flow of ideas, and stir the will into action. Pyrite encourages us to aspire, believe in, access, and actualise our potential, sparking the potent fire inside of us into life. This can lead us to generate prosperity, grow our confidence, courage, and assertiveness, and build our strength, persistence, and perseverance so we are able to see projects through to their completion. This crystal can bring about healing and shield us from environmental toxins and negative energies, while amplifying our motivation and sense of community, growing our warrior spirit to stand up for what we feel is right with integrity and authenticity.

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