Raw Rose Quartz


Love / Kindness / Peace / Empathy

 Add love and empathy into your life with our small raw cut rose quartz – take it with you, leave it in your kids’ room or bring it into your bedroom. Wherever love is needed is where this crystal belongs.

Measurement approx. 2-3cm dia.

Place: Children’s room / Bedroom

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Invite an atmosphere of love into your space with this symbol and supporter of the heart. The pale pink rose quartz reflects the nurturing energy and unconditional love of the mother and can be helpful for those who are in need of care, kindness, comfort, protection, and nourishment, including those who are mothers or carers themselves. It can help to foster empathy, connection, and compassion, and deepen bonds within relationships. It invites peace, trust, reassurance, and harmony into the heart and encourages us to live with sensuality, sensitivity, gentleness, and love.

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