Rhodonite Bracelet


Friendship / Love / Forgiveness / Serenity

Our rhodonite bracelet is one-size fits all and comes with a tiny bottle of essential oils which can be added onto the black lava beads which will absorb the oil and leave its beautiful scent and natural benefits with you.

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Rhodonite – for Friendship

Are you seeking connection and companionship? The hues of this blushing stone reflect the nature of skin, with touch as a meeting point and a place from which relationships with self and others grow. With its gentle skin tones of brown, dusty pink, and rose, rhodonite represents the soft delicate petals of a rose opening its petals to the world. Relating to the heart Chakra, rhodonite is your friend when support is called upon in opening the heart to love, beginning or deepening friendship, and finding the place of serenity that enables forgiveness towards ourselves or others. Rhodonite can invite healing love into the soul in by enabling us to acknowledge, process, and release emotional wounds and trauma, any harbored anger or resentment. By offering us grounding when jolted by shocking or painful experiences, rhodonite aligns us with the eternal nature of the spirit, expanding our awareness and perspective outwards to encompass the whole universe and the interconnectedness of life. This stone supports us in looking beyond ourselves to recognize and align with our true sense of purpose, welcoming and being welcomed into a community, valuing and acting cooperatively and collaboratively, and calling upon our generosity of spirit to enable us to value altruism in serving, supporting, and helping others.

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