Rose Quartz Bracelet


Love / Compassion / Kindness / Empathy / Peace / Confidence

Our rose quartz bracelet is one-size fits all and comes with a tiny bottle of essential oils which can be added onto the black lava beads which will absorb the oil and leave its beautiful scent and natural benefits with you.


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Rose Quartz – for Love

In giving and receiving unconditional love, Rose Quartz is our eternal friend. Awakening our heart to the tenderness and compassion within us all, it can support our recognition of emotional wounds and allow healing in, offering us spiritual nourishment and comfort in times of need Although many of us are part of vast and diverse social networks spanning all over the world, we may not have found the enduring, meaningful, unconditional and authentic connections that offer us the deep nourishment our soul is seeking. This soft and gentle pale pink stone can help us to draw new loving relationships and friendship into our lives, or deepen existing bonds with friends, family, and community. It works on fostering empathy for the experience and feelings of others, bringing us closer together through enabling us to understand and support each other with compassion and kindness. This enables deeper intimacy and develops sincere appreciation of the beauty and love contained in all things and all beings. Bringing this crystal into your energy field can envelop you in a sense of peace and allow confidence to radiate from the heart, inspiring others to grow and nurture their own capacity for self-acceptance and unconditional love.

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