Tiger Eye Bracelet


Clarity / Protection / Discipline / Practicality

Our tiger eye bracelet is one-size fits all and comes with a tiny bottle of essential oils which can be added onto the black lava beads which will absorb the oil and leave its beautiful scent and natural benefits with you.


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Tiger Eye – for Clarity

Do you find it difficult to stay focused on one thing, feel overwhelmed and overstimulated, and either saturated or drained by the volume of sensory information we are so often surrounded by? Unifying the power of yin and yang, the illuminating light of the sun and the dark depths and solidity of the earth, inner and outer, intention and action, tiger eye can bring about stability, clarity, and balance when all around seems conflicting, confusing, and unstable. The clarity and powerful vision offered by Tiger eye can provide protection to our precious inner resources. This can help us remain resilient and maintain our sense of stability and integrity throughout our contact with many streams of energy and oscillations between contrasting environmental stimuli, which may otherwise throw us off balance. This stone can guide us in how we cultivate and use our personal power, illuminating from within and sharpening our internal vision which allows us to see the details such as connections between cause and effect, while also being able to step back and see the bigger picture in its overall coherence, structure, and interrelatedness. It can enable us to recognize our unique gifts, motivations and strengths, then unite these with our will and discipline to form clear intentions and direction. Translating these into action with measured judgment, practicality, and discernment can manifest prosperity, as reflected in the captivating marbled golden visage of this hypnotic gemstone.

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