Tiger Eye Mala Beads Necklace


Clarity / Protection / Discipline / Practicality

A beautiful long necklace comprising of 108 tiger eye beads with a tassel at the end of the necklace. Read more about mala beads here.

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This crystal mala offers an eye which sees beyond ourselves into the deep mysteries of the universe. Its clarity and power can enable us to see what we may have believed to be ambiguous or hidden to us. Carrying the mala with us, either worn or out of sight, can offer us the vision, protection, decisiveness, and courage of the tiger. The golden threads of light contrasting with deep rich brown tones in tiger eye show us our way through a dense forest of obstacles. This talisman helps us see our way clearly, use our power wisely, recognise solutions through practicality, and cultivate the discipline to see our plans, projects, and decisions through to their conclusion. Meditation practice with your tiger eye mala supports the stoking of Tapas, translated from the Sanskrit as ‘burning desire’, referring to our will and discipline to make things happen, to commit to the process, and bring about change and transformation. Tiger eye can help to integrate and harmonise the foundational Chakra at the base of the spine, sacrum, and solar plexus (navel centre), ensuring our physical energy is used with discernment. It supports the alignment of our will with our sense of integrity, guiding our actions to be aligned with our core values.

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