Tiger Eye Massage Wand


Clarity / Practicality / Protection / Discipline

Use our tiger eye massage wand to massage your back, arms and legs by using either pointy end to apply pressure and move downwards and upwards. We recommend using a massage oil with this wand to let it move smoothly while bringing clarity and protection to the receiver from this stone.

Measurement: Approx. 10cm


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Tiger eye – healing clarity

With its clear vision and focused beams of light striating its length, the tiger eye targets tension with clarity and precision. Its light guides us towards growing an understanding of our challenges or pain, and brings with this the practicality of illuminating paths towards solutions and the resolution of inner conflict through its unifying effects. The tiger eye wand is approximately 10cm long, making it ideal to carry with you for use whenever you need it. Tiger eye can offer a shield of protection from the potential damage to our health caused by modern lifestyles. It can also expand our perceptual awareness, enabling us to develop our peripheral vision, while filling us with the self-discipline to commit to self-care as we observe and understand how this benefits the whole community through our interactions and relationships.

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