Tiger Eye Palm Stone


Clarity / Practicality / Protection

Gorgeous brown and golden hues make this beautiful stone a popular choice. Believed to bring clarity to any individual holding it, it will guide you on your path and protect you.

Size: approx. 3-4cm diameter

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Tiger Eye – the clarity stone

Balancing the clarity, warmth, and radiance of the sun’s rays with the practicality, cohesive structure, and resourcefulness of the earth, the golden stripes of this tiger appear as long fingers of light glimpsed between the rich brown broad tree trunks in a dense forest. The ancient Egyptian culture views tiger eye as doubly blessed with the combined protection of the sun and the earth, and used it to represent the eyes of divine vision in their deity statues. Through balancing the spiritual awareness, it opens us to with the stabilising effect of practicality, tiger eye can enable us to reach solutions that are both reasoned and compassionate. It can help us bring about positive change and growth by ensuring our intentions, creativity, and discipline are aligned.

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